About the book

A Journey Toward Contentment is designed to help women see that the Scriptures are alive and active.  The inspired Word of God is love letters written with us in mind, from the heart of God.  These love letters will activate our soul to bring comfort, encouragement, tenderness, and rest.  We will find contentment through the journey of life when we understand that our strength comes from God.  Contentment is heartfelt when we establish an intimate relationship with the Lord through prayer.  As a woman continues to work through the study, she realizes that to be content she must know who she is in Christ.  As a woman comprehends her identity in Christ, she embraces meaningful and healthy relationships.  She learns what it means to serve the Lord with all her heart, mind, and strength, as she journeys toward contentment. Contentment in God’s provisions leads her to understand that everything belongs to Him and is given to her to meet her daily needs, to serve Him, and for her enjoyment.  May each woman that embarks on this journey  learn to live in the present day, because within the scope of that day, she will have enough problems to solve, cares to attend to, and burdens to lay at His feet.  Faith is the foundation of our contentment and satisfaction, when we learn, as women, that we serve an all-powerful, all-wise, and all-good God.  Our faith must be tested, so we comprehend the depth of His love and faithfulness to His children, whom He made with meticulous care.  May we hold fast to the encouragement of the Scriptures and treasure the living hope that is our anchor.  His kingdom is coming!


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